March 22nd, 2013


Концептуальное искусство

На картине с помощью 17 тысяч презервативов изображён Папа Римский Бенедикт XVI. Автор - американская художница Ники Джонсон, это её ответ на высказывания Папы, осуждающие использование презервативов в качестве профилактики от СПИДа. Работа была закончена как раз к его отречению.

Картина называется Eggs Benedict ("яйца Бенедикт" - блюдо из яиц, гренок и соуса).

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I was eating a bowl of cereal when a radio news story perked my interest. It was March of 2009. A translator relayed this quote from Pope Benedict during his recent trip to Africa:

“I would say that this problem of AIDS cannot be overcome merely with money, necessary though it is. If there is no human dimension, if Africans do not help, the problem cannot be overcome by the distribution of prophylactics: on the contrary, they increase it. The solution must have two elements: firstly, bringing out the human dimension of sexuality, that is to say a spirtual and human renewal that would bring with it a new way of behaving towards others, and secondly, true friendship offered above all to those who are suffering, a willingness to make sacrifices and to practice self-denial, to be alongside the suffering.”

Wait, did the Pope just say that prophylactics will increase the AIDS epidemic in Africa and offer self-denial as the remedy?

Why yes, he did.

A few days later the Lancet called upon the Pope to retract his comments, saying that anything less would be an immense disservice to the public and health advocates fighting to contain the disease. No retraction was given.

In 2010 the Pope engaged the condom debate again, this time stating that encouraging condom use amongst prostitutes, with the intention of reducing the risk of HIV infection, may be an indication that the prostitute is intending to reduce the evil connected with his or her immoral activity.

Now the Pope was conflating being a prostitute who practices safe sex with encouraging a moral deficit. Had he any compassion for their position in life; their poverty, their plight?

Apparently not.

Over the next few years Benedict’s fervent embrace of a more “traditional” Catholic doctrine continued to make me wonder what time-machine he had fallen out of. Homosexuality as a moral disease… Same sex-marriage as a threat to world peace… Gender as clearly definable… Each time a new message from the Pope hit the airwaves I became frustratingly perplexed. I felt I had to do something.

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