Tom Tom (just_tom) wrote,
Tom Tom

Бизнес-модель: потребление как религия

Тим Кук, генеральный директор Apple:

Did I see the iPad and iPhone? No. What I saw was this: Apple was the only technology company that I knew of, including the one I was currently at, that when a customer got mad at a company, they'd continue to buy. If people got mad at Compaq, they'd buy Dell. If you were mad at Dell, you'd buy IBM. But an Apple customer was a unique breed; there's this emotion that you just don't see in technology in general. You could see it and feel it at Apple. When I looked at the balance sheet of the company, I thought I could do something in turning around a great American company.

Спасибо за честность.
Tags: Опиум для народа

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