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Белорусское КГБ сделало мой день

Сохраняю в основном для себя, чтобы не пропало: белорусское КГБ охотится за организаторами десанта плюшевых мишек. Форма и содержание находятся в удивительной гармонии, я бы даже сказал, синергии:


пр-т Незалежнасцi, 17, 220623, г. Мінск,
тэл. 219-92-21, факс 226-00-38

10.08.2012 г. № 21/281­­
На № ад « » 20__ г.


to the national of the Kingdom of Sweden Mr. Cromwell Per

In accordance with the Art.216 of the Code of Practice of the Republic of Belarus you are to appear before the Department of Investigation of the KGB (17 Independence av. Minsk, Belarus) for participating in investigative actions (interrogation) within 10 days. You have to inform KGB on the time of your arrival.

You should have your passport or other identity document with you.

Refusal or avoidance of a witness or victim from testifying at a preliminary investigation or inquiry is penalize by a fine or by correctional work for up to two years, or imprisonment for up to six months in accordance with Art.402 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus.

Note: in the case of absence of a witness without good reason investigator prosecutor and the court may subject him to be brought to the court (Art.130 Code of Practice of the Republic of Belarus).

KGB of the Republic of Belarus Investigator

Mr. P.Tsernavsky

P.S. Интересно, можно ли на осовании такого документа получить белорусскую визу?
Tags: встречи с прекрасным, политика

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