Tom Tom (just_tom) wrote,
Tom Tom

Мне уже никогда не будет 17 лет

Ехал в метро и слушал Uriah Heep - диск 1977 года "Firefly". Боже, какой детский сад. Ещё раз убедился, что знание жизни и иностранных языков может вредить.

I sat before the wise man in the autumn of my youth
And I told him all the things I had to know
He said you heard the future if you need to find the truth
And in his eyes I saw that it was so

So I came around and asked him the meaning of live
And as he smiled I saw a twinkle in his eyes
He said with all his years there's still so much he has to learn
And once again, I saw that it was so

Keep on living low and wanting for your turn
Is the only way to ease your concern
If you want to find your dream for sure
You don't wake up too soon
And you'll find that he's a shooting for the moon

Wise man, wise man
Which way should I run
There's so many roads, so many ways to turn
I'm like a blind man, lost in the sun
I wanna be like you and be a wise man too
But I'm looking for an easy way to learn
Tags: музыка, самокопание

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