Tom Tom (just_tom) wrote,
Tom Tom

За какие грехи бог наказал Пола Кругмана?

Poland, like Greece, is a country on Europe’s periphery, closely linked to the rest of the European economy. It’s also a country with relatively low productivity by northwestern European standards, indeed lower productivity than Greece by standard international measures <...> But Poland has not had a Greek-style crisis, or indeed any crisis at all. Instead, it has powered through the turmoil of recent years <...> What’s the difference? The main answer, surely, is the euro: by adopting the euro Greece first brought on massive capital inflows, then found itself in a trap, unable to achieve the needed real devaluation without incredibly costly deflation.
Tags: эзотерика

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    Август в календаре "Газеты выборчей": © Adam Wajrak

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