Tom Tom (just_tom) wrote,
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Семаджик в Dreamwidth

1. Как постить в DW, используя Семаджик:

Fire up your Semagic program.
Uncheck the remember password and auto login if they're checked. You can tick the boxes again later. But to get Dreamwidth on Semagic you need those unchecked for right now.
Go up to the top of the interface and click on File.
Then click server settings.
A box ahould pop up.
Dreamwidth is not on the list of servers, so you'll have to add it manually.
In the server box, highlight whatever is there and delete.
Type in
Leave the port number as is.
Leave the path number as is.
Type in your Dreamwidth username and password into the boxes.
The API should be for LiveJournal.
The secure password box should be checked.
Hit okay.
Exit the program and restart.
Your name should be on the drop down list of usernames, but if it's not; type your Dreamwidth username and password into the sign in boxes, and check remember password if you don't want to have to type it in every time. Or auto login if you want to login into Dream width first when you start the program.
Then click the log in button, and you should be all set to go.

2. Как постить из Семаджика одновременно в ЖЖ и DW (пока не проверял):

In the login box put a "username" and password. (Your "username" can be anything you want to identify the account, ie: fic ij, fic lj, real life.)
Tick the "remember password" box and the "auto-login" box.
Now click on File > Server Settings.
Put your REAL username in the box here.
Make sure the server is for DW, for LJ, for IJ (if you're also on Insane Journal).
Click OK, and then log in.
Log out and do it again for the next journal.
When you go to post, click "Journal" > "Post to Multiple Journals". A little box will appear with a list of your journal accounts you've just set up, simply select the ones you want to post to and click "OK".
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