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Уважаемый ЖЖ-юзер Никстутас напомнил, что сегодня - столетний юбилей Николае Чаушеску.

Ещё при жизни (которой Н.Ч. осталось немного) Бенни Андерссон с Бьорном Улвеусом посвятили ему такую песню:

The Conducator
(B. Andersson / B. Ulvaeus)

Silence suddenly is
Shattered by the blaring of
Trumpets and a booming voice
As a herald proudly announces:
These are happy times and
We should all rejoice
So make way for the king
The queen and the prince
The princess and nephews and nieces and others
So make way for the king
His uncle, his aunt
His cousins and sisters and brothers
Husbands and wives and their mothers

I'm the conducator
No-one's task is greater
Huge is my responsibility
I'm the guide, or rather
Like a loving father
Of a big and happy family

Never mind if there is no
Hot water for our showers
A new era rises in
Spirals of red flowers
What a great, heroic quest!

I think by now they know
I always know what's best

Lack of moderation
Used to lead to gout and heart disease
Truly I was sad to
But I really had to
Circumscribe their daily calories
Everywhere I go people
Show me their devotion
I confess I'm almost
Choking with emotion
When, in their spontaneous ways
They all bend over backwards
Just to sing my praise

He's a light, he's a beacon in a
Wild and treacherous ocean
And we're all proud to see him
Choking with emotion
When in our spontaneous ways
We all bend over backwards
Just to sing his praise

Customs are abolished
Villages demolished
It's all part of my inspired plan
If some thick, old peasant
Doesn't find that pleasant
All I say is: That's too bad, old man!

We all know our conducator
Is a man of vision
In the course of progress what's a
Little demolision

That's the spirit I admire!
The sort of true enthusiasm I inspire

All our fields our rivers and
Mountains kneel before him
Children and blind widows even
Animals adore him

These are truly happy times
No unemployment
No inflation
And no crime

Happy times!

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