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Поэзия - это такая штука...

Давеча я вспоминал группу "Genesis" и, помимо прочего, запостил клип с их песней "Mama". Признаюсь, я никогда не вслушивался смысл текста, там явно разворачивалась какая-то трагедия, но мне просто нравилось смачное звучание прогрессивного рока, припопсованное Филом Коллинзом. А слова там такие:

I can't see you mama
But I can hardly wait
Ooh to touch and to feel you mama
Oh I just can't keep away
In the heat and the steam of the city
Oh its got me running and I just can't brake
So say you'll help me mama
Cos its getting so hard

Now I can't keep you mama
But I know you're always there
You listen, you teach me mama
And I know inside you care
So get down, down here beside me
Oh you ain't going nowhere
No I won't hurt you mama
But its getting so hard

Can't you see me here mama
Mama mama mama please
Can't you feel my heart
Can't you feel my heart
Can't you feel my heart oh
Now listen to me mama
Mama mama
You're taking away my last chance
Don't take it away
Can't you feel my heart?

И так далее.

По словам Коллинза, их менеджер, впервые услышав эту песню, решил, что она из разряда pro-life:

Our manager, when he first heard it, thought it was about abortion, the kind of feeling of the, you know, the fetus, if you like, saying to the Mother 'Please give me a chance, can't you feel my heart, don't take away my last chance', all those lyrics are in the song but in fact what it is just about...

...a young teenager that's got a mother fixation with a prostitute that he's just happened to have met in passing and he has such a strong feeling for her and doesn't understand why she isn't interested in him.

В общем, всех с наступающей субботой!


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