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Об корпорации

Решил узнать, нафига мне регистрировать новый диск Seagate, кроме того, что у фирмы появятся мои персональные данные. Не узнал, зато с интересом прочитал terms and conditions пользования сайтом фирмы. Моё любимое место:

Seagate has the right to terminate your use of this Site, or any portion of this Site, with or without notice, in its sole discretion, for any reason or no reason at all [...]

Зато честно предупреждают лохов:

Seagate does not accept unsolicited ideas for new products, packaging, marketing, advertising, research, business operations and the like. Should you ignore this policy and submit an idea to Seagate, you agree that the idea becomes and remains the sole and exclusive property of Seagate without further liability or compensation to you.

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