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Nikola Tesla believes he has found an electrical way of lessening the burdens of school life and the difficulties of acquiring education. A few months ago Mr. Tesla laid before the superintendent of the schools of New York, William H. Maxwell, a plan for making dull pupils bright by saturating them unconsciously with electricity. Mr. Maxwell, an eminently progressive and practical man, after a careful investigation of Mr. Tesla's plan, arrived at the conclusion that the experiment could not possibly do the pupils any harm, seemed feasible, and to promise the accomplishment of great good. [...] Mr. Tesla's plan for the arrangement of the experimental electrical school room, which has received Mr. Maxwell's approval, calls for the installation in this room of a number of insulated cable wires through the walls. [...] A high frequency current of millions of volts will be generated in an apartment properly arranged for the purpose outside of the school room. When school begins, by simply turning a switch, the high frequency current will be turned on, by one of the instructors, and shortly afterwards the school room will become completely saturated with infinitesimal electrical waves vibrating at high frequency. The whole room will thus, Mr. Tesla claims, be converted into a health giving and stimulating electro-magnetic field, or aerobath. [...] According to Tesla the high frequency current sets up in the body what he describes as a sort of molecular massage or tissue gymnastics. The tiny particles of which the body is composed are constantly in motion, and the high frequency current causes them to move about in a livelier fashion and increase in number. This unusual activity of the molecules of the human body brings about increased oxidation - the burning up of the waste product of the body by oxygen. He acknowledges that his plan of stimulating dull pupils by saturating them with electricity is based on the well known theory of stimulating plant growth by electricity - a theory which has been successfully carried out in Eng land by Sir Oliver Lodge, and has also been tried with favorable results by scientists in Denmark and Belgium. [...]

E. Leslie Gilliams, Tesla's Plan of Electrically Treating Schoolchildren, "Popular Electricity Magazine", December 1912, pp. 813-814.

[...] It is related that during certain high-frequency tests performed by Mr. Tesla one of his assistants was exceedingly stupid in carrying out instructions concerning the laboratory adjustments. The laboratory was equipped with a coil generating high voltage currents. After a time Mr. Tesla noticed that the man grew brighter and did his work better. He supposed for time that this was because the man was learning; but after watching him closely he discovered that his assistant’s quickness was much deeper than merely learning, to make the tests. His mental life had been stimulated, and instead of being slow to learn, as at first, he now showed remarkable acumen. [...]

The tests made on school children in Europe were with the Tesla apparatus, and were carried on under the supervision of Prof. Svante Arrhenius at Stockholm, Sweden. [...] The regular school work was pursued and the test lasted for six months. Frequent observations of the children were recorded to ascertain the effect of the high-frequency waves upon them. At the end of the experimental period the children in the magnetized room, according to the official report, showed an increase in stature of two and a half inches, while in the unmagnetized room the average increase was only one and one-fourth inches. The pupils in the electrified room likewise showed a weight increase and proportionate physical development greater than that of the children in the other. On the mental side, according to this report, the children exposed to the electric waves averaged 92 per cent. in their school work, as opposed to an average of 75 per cent. in the children of the other room. Fifteen pupils in the electrified room were marked 100 by their teacher, while only nine obtained perfect ratings in the other class. The report continues that the electrified children appeared generally more active and less subject to fatigue than those that were not electrified, and that the teachers also experienced from the treatment a quickening of the faculties as well as an increase of powers of endurance. [...]

Nikola Tesla on Electrified Schoolroom to Brighten Dull Pupils, "New York Times", August 18th, 1912.

Надо будет опробовать на дипломниках, я даже готов пожертвовать моей микроволновкой.
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