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Тим Минчин

20 ноября выйдет его новый диск - где он, как говорят, перестаёт быть комиком. По мне так он уже не был комиком в роли Иуды. И тем более в сериале "Upright". На Ютюбе выложены 6 песен из 11, пытаюсь понять, нравятся ли они мне. Музыкально - сладковато, такой progressive pop, но оказалось, что у Минчина надо по-прежнему вслушиваться в слова.

Вот домашняя ковидная версия песни "I'll Take Lonely Tonight", которая мне понравилась больше, чем студийная:

I’ll take lonely tonight
Your offer is kind
And I must confess that I find
Your casual caresses and that pretty dress
Pretty hard to resist
And Christ what a night
I think you’re pretty high
I know I’m pretty pissed

I’ll take lonely tonight
Though I’m not denying
I hate being alone
Even so I know regret in the making
You’re one of those others I swore I’d forsake
And although this extraction is taking
A great act of will
I got a girl has my heart in a house on a hill
So though I am hungry and tempted
I’m sorry I’m not going to bite
I’m gonna take lonely

I’ll take lonely tonight
Though I know I might well
Have future regrets
That I didn’t more often take up these chances
For what is life for but to shag drink and dance
And teenager me would be screaming his pants off
Begging me to stay
But my girl has my heart in a house half a planet away
And I’d rather murder than hurt her
So sorry though it feels so right
I’m gonna take lonely tonight

Odysseus wasn’t strong enough
To endure the Siren song and so
He made his sailors tie him to a mast
And Jesus spent forty days and forty nights
He stood his ground and fought his fight
And the devil tried but couldn't break his fast
If this is true
The devil should’ve offered him you

I’ll take lonely tonight In my three-point-five star
Boutique hotel
Where I will spend Twenty-five bucks
On minibar snacks
And pass out on my phone

And wake in four hours or so
Soaked in relief to find
I am alone

With only the wrappers
Of Pringles and Snickers
For which to atone

Blissfully lonely

Как написал кто-то в комментах к одной из новых песен: Crazy to think that this guy has a song about cheese.
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